'Matrix' - Quality Standards for Information Advice & Guidance

The Matrix Standard is awarded following comprehensive assessment of an organisation’s approach to providing comprehensive and impartial initial advice, guidance and career direction support to individuals to take up a course of learning and/or training and to define a career plan that will help them to achieve a sustainable personal learning and employment plan. The award also recognises the extra support an organisation provides to assist those with little information, knowledge, confidence or self-esteem to identify the options available to them and talents and skills they could apply to becoming effective learners, trainees and employees.

W.A.C.C is proud to have been awarded the Matrix Whole Organisational Standard in 2016 for its work in advising, guiding and supporting individuals to define and reach their goals.

Ofsted - Office for Standards in Education

In October of 2016, the college was inspected by Ofsted, and we received a “Good” rating overall. Not only was our rating Good overall, but all of our services bar Apprenticeships received a “Good” rating, with their comment on Apprenticeships being that “leaders and managers are tackling the key issues, but it is too soon to see the impact of the measures taken”. In particular, Ofsted praised our “highly ambitious tutors” who could “enthuse learners to learn and develop their skills”, as well as praising the fact that our learners “enjoy the friendliness and ‘family’ feel of the college”. They went on to say that “learners play a substantial role in setting the mission and vision of the college”, and that our tutors “ensure respectful behaviour, good-quality work and a commitment to learning”. You can read our full Ofsted inspection report here or by searching for us on Ofsted’s website.

Talent Match Black Country - "Partner of the Year"

In October 2017, the college was nominated for, and subsequently won, the ‘Partner of the Year’ award at Talent Match’s ‘3 Years On Celebration and Awards’ event. The award celebrates the team’s commitment to providing the best support possible for learners, and everyone here at WACC is especially proud of the team and all the hard work it has taken to achieve the award, as well as the positive impact this has had on all the learners involved. The Talent Match project works to enable Young Adults furthest away from being work-ready to secure or take up enterprising and/or job opportunities by improving confidence, optimism, and offering intensive support through the provision of solution focused mentors. You can read more about how the Talent Match project helps young people on their website.