Here at W.A.C.C, we are proud to support both staff and learners in volunteering around the community. We are working with One Walsall so that anyone who wishes to volunteer can do so. One Walsall are based in the centre of Walsall, and help people looking to volunteer, but also groups that may need volunteers, such as charities or community groups.

Here are some examples of volunteers within the college:

Irene – Hooches Legacy

Irene volunteers as vice chair and treasurer at a non-profit organisation that fundraises for a breed of dog known as Dogue De Bordeaux. Through the efforts of their volunteers, they raise funds to support owners of the dogs and help find owners for ones currently in kennels.

At the moment is Fundraising for a special Dogue whom requires an operation on his snapped cruciate ligament. Hooches Legacy work with other charities to support dogs of other breeds, as well as helping out themselves whenever possible. Through various fundraising drives, the charity helps injured dogs where otherwise, the only alternative would be to put them to sleep.

Occasionally, Irene also volunteers her time to speak to staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital on a subject that is very close to her own heart.


Frankie – Guide Dogs

Frankie is a current volunteer for the Guide Dogs. She started as a puppy walker, which involved the basic training and implementing of skills that the puppies are ready for the next level of training.

We can follow the path of one dog in particular, Tansy. Frankie received Tansy from 8 weeks, and had her until she was about 17 months old. Tansy passed her formal training, and has now been placed with an owner – Wendy. Wendy waited 10 months for the correct Guide Dog – They match dog to owner. Tansy has completely changed her life, enabling Wendy to go to work, meet friends and have a companion. “I am so proud that Tansy has changed Wendy’s life and I was a small factor in that process”.

Due to work, Frankie now volunteers as a puppy socialiser instead: This means she plays with the puppies in the Guide Dog centre, who are there to be assessed before they go out to the puppy walkers. Introducing them to different environments, and allowing them to encounter different noises such as radio, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. all while being handled, allows them to become more confident.

“I love this as I know each puppy hopefully will go on to change somebody’s life. Even if they fail as a guide dog many go on to be used elsewhere, companion dogs, police, etc.”


Tansy as a puppy